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"Helping you achieve your healthiest level of well-being in all aspects of life."

Guided by the light

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Grace Vergis

Healer ✦ Messenger ✦ Success Coach ✦ Intuitive

Raised in Toronto, Canada, Grace Vergis is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Psychology.  She’s the proud recipient of Strathmore’s WHO’S WHO Worldwide Woman of Excellence award.  This award is given to those individuals who have exemplified leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession.

Change your Life...


To truly be free takes courage. If your freedom and happiness is dependent on what's out there in the external world, then there is a profound level of suffering and insecurity that you'll always feel. Real freedom must be found within.

The Real Love Doctor


Struggling to find your soulmate? Having issues in your current relationship with your partner? Family? Friends? Acquaintances? I can help you remove EVERY possible internal obstacle keeping you not only from finding the love of your life, but also from creating extraordinary relationships.











You really can have the life and love you long for! As your relationship coach, I’m committed to helping you create the relationships you've always wanted.


I’m determined to increase love in this world, one heart at a time!

Life Empowerment


Are you struggling to achieve the level of success you desire…that you see others attain so easily? Do you get frustrated when you create “highly desired” short and long term goals and don’t accomplish them? Are you ready to overcome barriers to reach your personal, professional and physical desires?












If you said “Yes!”, now is the perfect time for you!  Every high-achieving person will tell you that having a coach is one of the MUST HAVE tools you need to be truly successful.


Guided by the light

"You added strength back to my spirit. You have an amazing gift that can touch a heart and turn it back on to work properly, resetting a person's priorities."

~ Robert B.


"Anyone looking to change your life in any areas you might want to consider coaching with Grace. She is truly gifted."

~ Meg F.

"The lord sent you to calm my spirit and help me see my mistakes...You royally blessed me."

~ Gail G.


Guided by the light

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"Grace is love and light and she is the epitome of 'Grace'. She radiates pure genuine joy and hopefulness just by being in her presence. Grace literally coached me back to life."

~ Debra M.