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Positive Affirmations


 I am so happy and GRATEFUL for all of the GOOD in my life.

 I am confident in myself and my abilities.

 I think, speak and feel only positive.

 I love others and treat them with patience, acceptance and            understanding.

 I am extremely productive & focused on achieving my goals.

 I make excellent decisions quickly and easily.

 I have the Energizer energy of a young child.

 I easily forgive and let go of all negative thoughts, feelings and energy.

 I am open-minded and receptive to the flow of all good.

 I have an outstanding memory.

 I am creative and intelligent.

 I constantly think of new ways to provide better service.

II am stress-free, relaxed and calm.

 I appreciate numerous deep & meaningful relationships with positive, successful people.

 I am making a positive impact on thousands of lives through valuable services.

 I am in a positive, harmonious relationship with my perfect partner.

My soulmate and I are deeply in love with one another.

 I easily find the good in all situations, circumstances and people.

 I am generous - giving freely of my time & resources.

 I feel and show appreciation for all people and things.

 I exercise mentally every day – expanding my awareness and understanding.

 I exercise physically and my body is thin, toned and healthy.

 I have a GREAT relationship with my family.

 I remember and acknowledge all birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and holidays.