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Raised in Toronto, Canada, Grace Vergis is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Psychology.  She’s the proud recipient of Strathmore’s WHO’S WHO Worldwide Woman of Excellence award.  This award is given to those individuals who have exemplified leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession. Grace is one of the few special honorees distinguished based on her professional accomplishments, academic achievements, years of service and the credentials she has provided.  As a successful Healer, Empowerment Coach, Intuitive and Relationship Expert, she is dedicated to making a difference and has helped hundreds of people create a life full of wealth, health, loving relationships, and happiness.  She has an undeniable passion for empowering men, women and children to live the life they’ve always imagined, and as such, has done a lot of public speaking on the topic.  She is passionate about helping people live in the light of their true essence. She is also 100% committed to helping her clients increase the love in their lives and to helping them develop deep, healthy lasting connections and relationships.  A lot of her methodologies stem from the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Joel Osteen, Napoleon Hill to name a few. Because she is so committed to humanity, she has taken on many volunteer positions over the years in an effort to give back to her community. Her most recent volunteer positions are with her local chamber as an Ambassador and with Martín Memorial Hospital as a Patient Advocate in the ER and as a NODA (No One Dies Alone) volunteer.  As a NODA volunteer, she sits with patients who have no family and are dying, and helps them pass over to the other side.

Happiness ✦ Wealth ✦ Health ✦ Love ✦ Success
I believe in you,

Even when you don't.

I know you are a miracle,

Even when you forget.

I am thankful for YOUR extraordinary,

Even when you feel like you're not enough.

Whatever you struggle with,

I know you can survive...

And prevail!

Whatever you resist,

I know you can allow...


Whatever you dream,

I know you can experience...

And expand into even more.

Whenever you fall and wonder if you
can get up again...

Remember, I believe in you - even when you don't.

You ARE extraordinary!

Some testimonials from clients

“You’re an amazing and beautiful person on the inside and out.  The earth needs more people like you in it.” – Ed I.


“You added strength back to my spirit. You have an amazing gift that can touch a heart and turn it back on to work properly, resetting a person’s priorities.” – Robert B.


“You are one of the gifts in my life. I’m so appreciative and grateful for the love and support you have given me during one of the most difficult times of my life”. “ – Debra M.


“Thanks for the inspiration.” – Sebastian C.


“Grace, thank you for all of your help.  You have extraordinary talents.” – Cheryl D.


“Grace LIVES her beliefs. That’s a rarity.” – Pauline L.


“Grace is love and light and she is the epitome of ‘Grace’.  She radiates pure genuine joy and hopefulness just by being in her presence. Grace literally coached me back to life.” – Debra M.


“Thank you making me  better person. You have challenged me.” – Gregory P.


“Coached by the best!” – Jody L.


“You are truly one amazing woman, Grace.” – Dan P.


“I am so grateful for you and your love.” – Diana M.


“Anyone looking to change your life in any areas, you might want to consider coaching with Grace.  She is truly gifted.” – Meg F.


“Your compassion and love radiate to everyone around you and I’m blessed to know you.” – Jody L.


“You are one tremendous beautiful woman...the power,strength, love and commitment, the gifts you already have sprouted seeds of life in my wife...” – Dan P.


“The Lord sent you to calm my spirit and help me to see my mistakes...You royally blessed me.” – Gail G.


“You impacted a very critical are a super powerful woman.” – Todd M.