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Getting Lost Inside A Relationship

September 8, 2016

Getting lost inside of a relationship means that you’ve put aside important parts of yourself in order to protect or fix a relationship with your partner. And guess what eventually starts to happen then? You start feeling worn down. You start feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. You start feeling run down, overworked, and under-appreciated. And you stop doing the things that fill you up, make you feel great, and that help you bring your best self to your relationship.  Here are the 4 signs:

Sign #1: You lose touch with your friends and family.
Sign #2: You stop paying attention to how you look and feel.
Sign #3: You feel like your life is passing you by.
Sign #4: You’re making excuses for everything  that relates to that individual.

And here’s the kicker: By losing yourself in the relationship, you’re out of touch with your own NATURAL ABILITY to shine. Your inner light totally shuts down and you become an inferior version of yourself, a version that others don't necessarily want to be around.

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