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Underlying Purpose Of A Relationship

September 18, 2016

The real underlying purpose of a relationship is for your soul’s growth and evolution. You come together with another person because there are soul lessons that you both have to teach each other. The person that you attract is a mirror manifestation of the part of yourself that you get to love, embrace, heal, integrate and own. So long as you’re growing and evolving at a similar pace, in a similar direction, with a similar commitment to serving each other’s souls, you have a relationship. Once you learn the lessons for which your souls attracted each other, either you get to recreate your relationship with new lessons or your relationship is complete, which might look like a breakup. Breakups should not be regarded as failures. They should be regarded as a graduation. It’s not a success to stay in a relationship that doesn’t work. When you breakup, honor your feelings and face your pain. No pain lasts forever. Trust that in letting go, that someone even more amazing is waiting to show up in your life. Something more in your life is seeking to give birth.

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