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5 Reasons Why The Man You're Dating May Stop Chasing You

November 15, 2016

In a nutshell, here are 5 reasons why the man you’re dating may stop chasing you:

1) HE DOESN’T SEE YOU AS A POTENTIAL ROMANTIC PARTNER. In his opinion, you may fall under any of these 3 categories: 1. Friendship  2. Pure Sexual Attraction  3. A Combination Of The Both. If that man doesn’t want a relationship with you, the good news is that there’s somebody even better out there. So let this guy go to create room for a new, more amazing, more spectacular man to come into your life.
2) YOU DO ALL THE PLANNING. Men like to feel like they are providers and successful planners. Women often times jump in too soon and take control and start planning. Try to take a step back, create some space for him to lead and plan. When you do that, he will pursue that relationship even more.

3) HE DOESN’T FEEL HE CAN WIN WITH YOU. A man wants to know that he can provide and make you happy. When you go out with your man, celebrate him for the things he can do for you. Let him know that he’s making you happy because when you make him feel like a king, he’s going to love it and it will cause him to pursue you even more.
4) INSTA-RELATIONSHIP. A man gets turned off if he feels like you are falling in love too fast because in his eyes, you don’t really know him and if you’re fully into this relationship, fully committed, falling in love, something is wrong because he doesn’t know how he feels about the relationship yet. And if he pursues this relationship and ends up finding out that it’s not what he wants, the risk of hurting you is too high. What you need to do is to let him know that you like him and that you’re interested in him but that he has to earn the right to be your boyfriend and prove himself over time. This will trigger an attraction for him and helps him value what it is that he earns which is the relationship between you two.
5) HE FEELS LIKE AN OBJECT WHEN HE’S DATING YOU. If he feels as though any man will do because you’re just trying to fill a void in your life, it creates in him the feeling of not being special at all. What you want to create in your man is a feeling that he is unique and special over all the other options that you may have. Compliment him on his character (his drive, his passion, etc.). That will make him feel special, unique and selected.
If you want to discuss this topic in more depth, or if you want to analyze your specific relationship, message me to book a session. #miraclehealer #lovedoctor


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