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Is Fear Crippling You?

March 30, 2017

IS FEAR CRIPPLING YOU? Let me help you tackle the following fears HEAD ON so that you can attain the LIFE and LOVE you are destined to have. Now is the perfect  time to SUPERCHARGE your life and to get honest with what you want most. I'm so excited about helping you step into your power. #lovedoctor

FEAR OF LOSING YOURSELF: Are you afraid that you’ll be taken away from your purpose or mission by the strain of a relationship?

FEAR OF BEING HURT: Are you afraid of being hurt by your partner who should be loving you the most? Are you afraid of experiencing heartbreak and having to deal with the aftermath?

FEAR OF COMMITMENT: Do you find yourself self-sabotaging relationships that you have to commit to? Are you afraid of making decisions in case of an unfavorable outcome?

FEAR OF TRUST: Do you find your past affecting your ability to trust, maybe not just your partner, but anyone?

FEAR OF REJECTION: Are you afraid of being rejected by your partner and left alone?

FEAR THAT LOVE CAN NEVER LAST: Do you find yourself believing that love just simply doesn’t last, and that you weren’t destined to love or be loved?

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