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How Decisions Impact Your Life

September 14, 2018

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN INSECURE, CONFUSED OR PARALYZED ABOUT AN IMPORTANT DECISION THAT YOU NEEDED TO MAKE? Life is filled with decisions. The quality of your life is in direct proportion with the quality of the decisions you make. One decision can take you in a whole different direction and shape your destiny completely. YOU have the power to sculpt and shape your future. So don’t allow FEAR of making the wrong decision to paralyze you. Don’t let STRESS or PRESSURE dictate your decision because you will end up living for someone else or making choices to please others rather than being true to yourself. LISTEN, HONOR AND TRUST YOUR DEEPEST TRUTH AND ACT UPON IT. When making your decision, ASK YOURSELF: Does making this choice serve my highest soul’s growth and evolution? Choose the path that serves the most growth for ALL souls involved. Also ask yourself: If I do or do not move forward with this decision, will I have any regrets? If you have deep regrets, pay attention, that’s a sign. With each decision you make, you’re impacting your world and the people around you. So choose wisely.

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