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Do Not Fear Failure But Be Terrified Of Regret

July 22, 2019

Do not fear failure BUT BE TERRIFIED OF REGRET. Along the journey we call life, you will hear a lot of NOs. Do not fear the word NO but be afraid of the possibility of a yes that you have prematurely destroyed because you decided to QUIT before the clock strikes 12. Many of us have goals that we’re trying to achieve but sometimes the person we are right now is not the person that we need to be when we cross the finish line to our dreams. So we must walk and pace ourselves on this journey to our goals because we haven't GROWN ENOUGH IN OURSELVES to fit the shoes we need to achieve our aspirations. Have faith. Keep persevering and believing in yourself and your God-given gifts because one day, I assure you, YOU WILL win the race that you stated.

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